Regenerative Wafer is a professional stripping process that can process all kinds of thin films such as photoresist, oxide film, metal film and so on in IC Fab process quickly and without affecting the characteristics of the wafers. And the effective use of polishing technology ensures that Customer incoming silicon wafer minimum removal rate and electrical properties; and cleaning to achieve the best cleanliness, can significantly improve the customer rate of return and increase the use of stall control the number of times. Gu Wei technology with mature technology and flexible multi-process design, providing customers with stable and reliable quality, and a competitive and reasonable price. The perfect hardware and software systems and services team operation, but also to meet the individual customer's technical needs, to achieve fully customized goals and services.

管制項目/晶圓尺寸 150mm200mm300mm
平坦度 ≦15μm≦15μm≦10μm
Zn.Fe. Cu 金屬元素清洗能力≦1 E10≦1 E10≦1 E10
晶片表面潔淨度 ≦ 40 ea @ 0.160 μm≦ 70 ea @ 0.100 μm≦ 300 ea @ 0.032 μm
≦ 10 ea @ 0.200 μm≦ 40 ea @ 0.160 μm ≦ 140 ea @ 0.065 μm
≦  5 ea @ 0.300 μm≦30ea @ 0.200 μm ≦ 30 ea  @  0.12 μm
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